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Do you know what a National Parks Scratch Off Map is? If you were like me, you have never even heard of it.  National Parks Scratch Off Maps are one of the most exciting, engaging and interactive gifts for travelers!

These maps (also referred to as scratch off posters) are a thrilling way to track your travels across the US National Parks and document your adventure. As you uncover the hidden gems of each USA National Park, the thrill of scratching off each one is especially fun.

National Parks are a treasure trove of natural wonders! As the popularity of this fascinating unique gifts for travelers continues to soar, these scratch-off maps become a must-have for preserving your cherished memories from your travel adventures.

What is a National Parks Scratch Off Map?

National Parks scratch off maps and posters feature the 63 National Parks across the United States. These posters come coated with a thin, scratchable layer. When you visit a National Park, you simply take a coin or similar object and gently scratch off the covering for that park. This reveals a colorful and distinctive image of the park underneath. It’s also a great way to keep track of your national park bucket list.

national parks scratch off map
National Parks Scratch Off Map (12″ x 16″ Charcoal Grey with Silver Scratch Off Layer). CLICK HERE or IMAGE to learn more!

Why Choose a National Parks Scratch Off Map?

Scratch-off maps offer you a truly unique and personal gift option. They stand out as incredible presents because they’re not only unique and visually appealing but also deeply meaningful.

They serve as a great motivator for the National Parks travel enthusiast or nature lover. They provide a tangible way to set and achieve travel goals. As you scratch off each National Park you visit, you get a satisfying sense of progress. This tracking feature fuels your desire to explore even more parks, turning your map into a visual travel diary.

national parks scratch off poster
US National Parks Scratch Off Poster (12″x16″ Charcoal Grey with Silver Scratch Off Layer). CLICK HERE or IMAGE to learn more!

They also make for excellent conversation starters and wall decor in your home or travel space. You will love sharing your travel stories and adventures with friends and family. Their vibrant colors and detailed designs not only make your space more visually appealing but also serve as a constant reminder of the incredible places you’ve been.

Best Gifts for Travelers

national parks gifts for christmas birthday anniversary rv retirement
National Park Gift for anniversary

Other great occasions for National Parks gifts for a travel lover:

  • Christmas Gifts
  • Valentines
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Couples
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Families
  • Graduation
  • Retirement Gifts
  • RV Gifts for Travelers
  • Teacher Appreciation Gifts
  • Office Party
  • Housewarming
  • Grandparents Day
  • Classroom Decorations and Educational Tool

Vacation Activity

Your family will love this unique activity everyone can enjoy together!  Frame your family vacation memories of trips taken to ensure your memories last for generations!

family scratching off each national park they visited
Family scratching off their national parks scratch off map poster

Features to Consider When Buying a National Parks Scratch Off Map

  • Size: Consider the dimensions of the map. Smaller maps, like a 12” x 16” can be displayed in tighter spaces, like inside your RV (a great retirement gift for an RV traveler). Larger ones are typically 17” x 24” or, in some cases, even larger.
  • Material: Pay attention to the quality of the map’s material. Opt for maps made from durable materials, such as high-quality laminated paper that is 250gsm, to ensure they withstand the scratching process and remain in good condition.
  • Design: Explore the map’s design options. Different maps offer various styles, from artistic renditions to vintage or minimalist designs. Select one that resonates with your taste and complements your space.
  • Detail: Assess the level of detail provided. A well-designed map should clearly depict the primary theme or image of the National Parks and a well-outlined border, making it easy to scratch off each park accurately. Ensure that the map includes all the parks you plan to visit. Note: there are 425 National Park Units but only 63 primary “National Parks” that would be found on these particular maps and posters.
  • Frame Compatibility: If you plan to display your map as wall decor, check if it’s compatible with standard frame sizes so you can protect and showcase your map.

What Can I Use for Scratch Off Maps?

Here are practical tips for how to use and display your scratch off map:

  • Scratch Off Tools:
    • Nail polish remover with acetone: We have found nail polish with acetone works best and won’t leave any scratches. onthe poster. Use it with a soft cloth or cotton ball.
    • Coin: For broad scratching, a coin works well. Remember not to press too hard.
    • Scratch-Off Pen: All our scratch-off maps come with scratch-off pen. However, this tool is best used for only fine scratching on the borders of the image you’re scratching off. Be careful not to press too hard or to use the point. Only use the edge.
  • Gentle Scratching: If you’re using a coin or a similar flat-edged object, carefully and slowly scratch off the park’s coating. Apply light pressure to avoid damaging the underlying color image. Remember, even with durable, laminate paper, you can damage the image if you press too hard.
  • Precision: Be accurate when scratching off a national park. Take your time to follow the park’s outline precisely. This way, you will avoid scratch marks in the blank space of the poster in between the parks.
  • Maintenance: Keep your scratching tool clean to prevent scratches from becoming too deep or messy. Wipe or buff it with a cloth or tissue as needed.
carefully scratching off the scratch off layer
National Parks Scratch Off Map Poster (black with gold scratch off layer). CLICK HERE or IMAGE to learn more!

Frame and Display Your Scratch-Off Map:

  • Framing: For an elegant display, choose a frame that complements your decor and fits the map’s size. Most standard-sized maps fit well in ready-made frames.
  • Mounting: Alternatively, mount your map on a corkboard or foam board. This allows you to pin pictures, postcards, or notes related to your National Park adventures around the map.
  • Room Placement: Consider the best location for your map. Place it in a prominent spot in your home or office where you and your guests can easily admire your progress and spark conversations about your travels.
  • Lighting: Adequate lighting can enhance the map’s visual appeal. Position it near natural light sources or install wall-mounted lights to illuminate the map effectively.
  • Sharing Stories: Have fun with it and encourage friends and family to share their own National Park experiences when they see your map. It’s a great way to connect and exchange travel experiences.
frame and display of national parks scratch off poster
Scratch Off Map of the United States + National Parks Scratch Off Map. CLICK HERE or IMAGE to learn more!

What is the Best Scratch Off Map?

At Ultimate National Parks, we are the #1 seller of these in the United States. We offer them in a variety of types, sizes, and color variations. Below are just a few of the options.

  • Scratch Off Map of the United States: This is a 17″x24″ USA Scratch Off Map set that includes all 63 National Parks on the map, and comes with a separate 12″x16″ National Parks Poster (available in charcoal grey/silver and in black/gold)
  • US National Parks Scratch Off Map Poster: A 12″x16″ poster with all 63 National Parks (available in charcoal grey/silver and in black/gold)
  • National Parks of America + Wildlife: This is a 16″x20″ version that has all 63 parks and features some of the wildlife found in the parks across America (available in charcoal grey/silver and in black/gold)

Click on each image below or in the image caption to see more details and buying options.

National Parks Scratch Off Map

national parks scratch off map
National Parks Scratch Off Map (12″ x 16″ Charcoal Grey with Silver Scratch Off Layer). CLICK HERE or IMAGE to learn more!

National Parks Scratch Off Poster (with wildlife)

national park scratch off poster of united states US USA
US National Park Scratch Off Map Poster; INCLUDES WILDLIFE. CLICK HERE or IMAGE to learn more!

Scratch Off Map of the United States

Scratch off map of United States with National parks scratch off map
Scratch Off Map of United States with National Parks Poster Looking for a great travel activity and a keepsake of places and national parks you’ve visited? CLICK HERE or IMAGE to learn more!

Final Thoughts

As you consider the possibilities of National Parks scratch off maps, it becomes evident that they offer much more than just a map to mark your travels. These maps are a tangible representation of your adventures, a visual testament to the National Parks you’ve explored. They serve as a constant reminder of the beauty and diversity of our natural landscapes, as well as the memories and experiences etched into your journeys.

With each scratch, you uncover not just a park but a part of your own story—a story of discovery, appreciation, and a connection to the great outdoors, stunning nature, and geological wonders. It’s a story worth sharing and celebrating, whether on your wall at home, in your office, in your RV, or as the perfect gifts for travelers they are sure to love!

We also have some incredible resources to take advantage of, including a free National Park map, checklist, and journal. We provide these as free downloadable resources for your travels. See below.

National Parks List, Map, and Complete Guide (All 63 Parks + Downloadable List & Map)

Want a FREE complete list and recap of all our US National Parks as well as downloadable maps and other great resources? Check out our US National Parks List and Map guide!

national parks map and list printable checklist
Visit our complete National Parks Guide for FREE Downloadable National Parks List & Map (multiple versions)


Are there 425 or 63 national parks?

There are 63 official National Parks in the United States. Although there are 425 National Park Units as part of the National Park Service, there are only 63 “National Parks.” For a great gift idea, consider a National Parks Scratch Off Map, which allows travelers to track and explore these iconic parks.

What state has the most national parks?

California boasts the most National Parks in the U.S. with 9, making it an adventurer’s paradise. A National Parks Scratch Off Map makes an excellent gift for someone exploring the Alaskan wilderness.

What is the most loved national park?

While preferences vary, Yellowstone National Park is often considered one of the most beloved due to its stunning geothermal features and diverse wildlife. A National Parks Scratch Off Map can help you plan your visit.

What to collect when visiting national parks?

Collecting National Park passport stamps or patches is a fantastic way to commemorate your visits. Pair this with a National Parks Scratch Off Map to capture memories visually.

How to explore national parks cheap?

To explore national parks on a budget, consider an America the Beautiful Pass, which grants access to numerous parks. A National Parks Scratch Off Map is a thoughtful gift to encourage affordable adventures.

What do national parks offer Americans?

National parks offer Americans a chance to connect with nature, learn about history, and appreciate diverse landscapes. Gift a National Parks Scratch Off Map to inspire exploration.

What do you give someone who is going to travel?

For someone about to travel, consider practical gifts like travel adapters, a quality backpack, or a National Parks Scratch Off Map to plan and document their journeys.

What is a good Christmas gift for someone who travels?

A thoughtful Christmas gift for a traveler could be travel-themed ornaments, a warm travel blanket, or a National Parks Scratch Off Map to inspire their next adventure.

What to get a guy that travels a lot?

For a frequent traveler, consider gifts like noise-canceling headphones, a durable travel backpack, or a National Parks Scratch Off Map to track their U.S. adventures.

What do you get someone who bought an RV?

Gift ideas for new RV owners include camping gear, RV accessories, or a National Parks Scratch Off Map to plan road trips and National Park visits.

What to get avid campers?

Avid campers appreciate gifts like high-quality camping equipment, portable grills, or a National Parks Scratch Off Map to commemorate their camping adventures.

What is a good gift for someone who likes national parks?

For National Park enthusiasts, consider gifts like a National Parks pass, a guided park tour, or, of course, a National Parks Scratch Off Map to celebrate their love for these natural wonders.

Where to get the best national park gifts?

You can find unique National Park gifts, including scratch-off maps, at national park visitor centers, online park stores, and specialty gift shops that focus on outdoor and travel-themed items.

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