Where is the Best Place to See Redwood Trees in Oregon?

Typically, when people hear about the majestic redwood trees of America’s west coast, they think of California. The vast majority of the redwood trees’ natural range is indeed in central and northern California. However, most people don’t know that a small pocket of redwood tree groves exists in a tiny corner of Southwest Oregon. 

A visit to the Oregon redwood trees is just as spectacular as a visit to their California counterparts to the south. Moreover, the areas where you’ll find these Oregon redwoods often tend to be far less busy than California’s Redwood National Park

There are two excellent locations in Southwest Oregon to view the magnificent redwoods. These include the Redwood Nature Trail and the Oregon Redwoods Trail. 

In addition to discussing these two fabulous locations for Oregon redwoods, we’ll also review the following common questions:

  • How long is the Redwood Nature Trail?
  • How long is the Oregon Redwoods Trail?
  • Where does the redwood forest start in Oregon?

So let’s jump right into it! Here are the best places to see and visit the Oregon redwoods!

Best locations to view the Oregon Redwoods

Giant Redwoods are a perfect example of old-growth trees. In fact, the average age of mature redwoods is 800 to 1,500 years old! These trees are highly resistant to insects and diseases, contributing to their long lifespan. 

Many coastal redwoods reach heights of 300 to 350 feet. This is comparable to the height of a 30-story building! The diameter of these trees is also, on average, anywhere from 10 to 20 feet. 

The Oregon redwoods are found at the very northern limit of their natural growing range. Granted, the redwoods that grow in Oregon are not quite as large as their California companions. Nonetheless, they are still an impressive sight and make up part of Southern Oregon’s breathtaking coast. 

The two best areas to visit the Oregon Redwoods are spectacular hiking trails. These two hikes allow you to get up close and personal with these giants. 

Redwood Nature Trail 

This fantastic trail is located 7 miles east of Brookings, Oregon, in the Siskiyou National Forest. The Redwood Nature Trail is also the northernmost redwood trail. 

The hike consists of a trail network of multiple loops that meander and ascend above the Chetco River. You’ll see a beautiful grove of small to medium redwood trees throughout. 

Sprinkled amongst the redwoods, you’ll find various pine species, Douglas-Fir, huckleberry, and rhododendron. 

There’s also a pristine clear, cold, and rocky creek that flows along the way. The ideal way to start this hike would be at Alfred Loeb State Park. If you start from here, you can link a hike along the river with your Redwoods hike. When you start from Alfred Loeb State Park, you’ll want to follow the Riverview Trail for 0.7 miles before you reach the redwood groves. 

The most scenic part of the loop is stunning. Here you’ll ascend through an incredible ravine where some of the trail’s most giant redwoods overshadow you. Near the halfway section of the trail, you’ll encounter the hike’s largest redwood tree. It’s about 800 years old and stands at 296 feet tall with a 34-inch diameter. 

redwood trees in Oregon
Although Oregon’s redwoods are smaller than California’s, they still easily tower over all other trees growing in the forest.

Oregon Redwoods Trail

This is another superb hike that allows access to some of Oregon’s best redwood forests. It’s a short loop that traverses through an upland forest of numerous mixed tree species. 

The trail starts from the parking area and cuts straight into the forest. The trail then splits off into two routes. If you take the left-hand route, you’ll start to go down the trail through a series of switchbacks. 

At first, the redwoods along this part of the hike are relatively small in size. Don’t worry, though, as many larger trees are at the bottom segment of this trail. 

As the trail continues, you’ll notice that it eventually ascends again. At this point, you’ll start to cross through a thick assemblage of redwood trees. A plethora of large ferns grow near the base of these giant trees, creating a genuinely mystical feel here. 

The largest trees of the hike can be viewed on the portion of the trail near the top of the ridge. As such, it’s a smart idea to start the hike, as mentioned here. This way, you’ll save the most extraordinary sights for the trail’s conclusion. 

Ferns grow alongside the majestic redwoods on the Oregon Redwoods Trail.
Ferns grow alongside the majestic redwoods on the Oregon Redwoods Trail.

How long is the Redwood Nature Trail?

The Redwood Nature Trail is an easy, 1.1-mile loop trail. It takes about, on average, 39 minutes to complete. It has an elevation gain of about 321 feet. 

During popular times of the day, this trail can see some traffic. But you’ll enjoy more solitude if you visit during the quieter times, such as early morning or late afternoon. 

The trail is perfect for hiking and walking. It’s open year-round and is stunning any time of year you visit. Pets are allowed on this trail but must be kept on a leash.

A link to the Redwood Nature Trail on Google Maps can be found here.

How long is the Oregon Redwoods Trail?

The Oregon Redwoods Trail is an easy, 1.6-mile loop trail. It takes about, on average, 54 minutes to complete. It has an elevation gain of about 426 feet. The trail is perfect for hiking, walking, running, and horseback riding. 

The trail isn’t very heavily trafficked, so there’s a good chance you’ll see very few people along the way. It’s open year-round and is stunning any time of year you visit. Pets are allowed on this trail and, in some areas, may be allowed to be off-leash. 

A link to the Oregon Redwoods Trail on Google Maps can be found here.

Where does the Redwood Forest start in Oregon? 

The redwood forest in Oregon starts near the Oregon Redwoods Trail at the southwest tip of the state. This is the northernmost range of the mighty redwood trees and one of the few places to see them in Oregon. The only other area to see these trees in Oregon is on the Redwood Nature Trail. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the State of Oregon surprisingly has some fantastic locations to see coastal redwoods. The Redwood Nature Trail and the Oregon Redwood Trail are the two prime spots to see redwoods in Oregon. 

The Redwood Nature Trail is an excellent area to see some small to medium-sized redwoods. Some larger ones can be found growing in a ravine near the end of the hike. 

The Oregon Redwoods Trail is the other spot to see Oregon redwoods. This trail also has some small to medium-sized redwoods. The trail’s larger redwoods can be seen near the top of the ridge. 

While the redwoods in Oregon are smaller than California’s, the hikes and natural scenery of the area they grow in are outstanding. Don’t overlook Oregon’s redwood groves next time you visit this beautiful part of the Pacific Northwest!

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