5 Best National Parks to See Moose!

moose with the Grand Tetons towering behind

Moose are renowned for their majestic presence. With their towering antlers and impressive size, they are one of the most charismatic wildlife species in North America. These gentle giants captivate wildlife lovers with their unique charm and fascinating behavior. Their iconic appearance and the thrill of spotting them in their natural habitat make moose a … Read more

Isle Royale National Park: Michigan’s Hidden Gem!

Crystal clear waters along the rocky shoreline of Isle Royal. NPS photo

Isle Royale in Michigan is a pristine and remote wilderness located in the northwest corner of Lake Superior, off the coast of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (approximately 55 miles from the nearest mainland point).  It is a place of rugged beauty, pristine forests, and untouched landscapes. The park covers the entirety of Isle Royale, the largest … Read more

Is it worth visiting Isle Royale National Park?

Isle Royal National Park Rock Harbor Lighthouse

Situated in Lake Superior, near Michigan’s border with Canada, is the incredible Isle Royale National Park.  The park, while somewhat challenging to get to, is one hundred percent worth visiting. Isle Royale has no shortage of outdoor activities for nature lovers and park enthusiasts alike.  This national park is comprised of one large island surrounded … Read more

What is the Least Visited National Park in the US?

american samoa national park least visited

When most people think of National Parks, they imagine the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone. But what about the smaller parks that you’ve probably never even heard of? What is the least visited park in the US? These are parks that are more difficult to get to, making them isolated and untouched in many ways. These … Read more