Looking for Lodging or a Hotel by Glacier National Park?

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When planning a visit to Glacier National Park, choosing the right hotel or lodging option is crucial to enhance your overall experience. The park, known for its stunning landscapes, pristine lakes, and abundant wildlife, offers a variety of accommodations to suit every traveler’s preferences. 

Whether you’re seeking luxury, rustic charm, camping adventures, glamping (“glamorous camping”), or the comforts of a vacation rental, there are numerous options available near Glacier National Park to cater to your needs. In this guide, we’ll explore some of the best hotel and lodging options, highlighting their unique features, amenities, and proximity to the park. 

From upscale resorts and cozy lodges to campgrounds and glamping options immersed in nature, we’ll help you find the perfect place to stay and create unforgettable memories during your visit to Glacier National Park.

Best Options for a Hotel by Glacier National Park

While it’s difficult to determine the absolute “best” lodges and hotels in or near Glacier National Park as preferences can vary, here are some highly recommended hotels known for their quality, amenities, and proximity to the park:

Many Glacier Hotel

Many Glacier Hotel on Swifcurrent Lake with towering mountains
The iconic Many Glacier Hotel is situated on beautiful Swifcurrent Lake with towering mountains looming behind.

Located inside Glacier National Park, Many Glacier Hotel offers breathtaking views of Swiftcurrent Lake and the surrounding mountains. 

  • What it is Known for: Many Glacier Hotel is renowned for its Swiss-inspired architecture, which exudes a charming and rustic ambiance. It is also known for its stunning location, providing unparalleled views of the mountains and the glacial lake.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi access in public areas, a gift shop, a lounge area with a fireplace, and laundry facilities.
  • Activity Options: You can enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing, boat tours on Swiftcurrent Lake, horseback riding, and scenic drives to explore the stunning landscapes.
  • Dining Options: The Ptarmigan Dining Room offers a fine dining experience, serving delectable dishes with a focus on regional flavors. For a more casual setting, the Swiss Lounge provides a cozy atmosphere where you can enjoy light meals, snacks, and beverages.

Lake McDonald Lodge 

historic Lake McDonald Lodge
Exterior view of the historic Lake McDonald Lodge.

Lake McDonald Lodge is a picturesque and historic lodge located within Glacier National Park in Montana. It sits on the shores of stunning Lake McDonald and offers you a tranquil and scenic setting to enjoy the park’s natural beauty.

  • What it is Known for: The lodge is renowned for its rustic charm and historic architecture, reflecting a classic Swiss chalet-style design. It offers a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the park’s early history, adding to the overall ambiance and appeal.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi access in public areas, a gift shop, a lounge area with a fireplace, and laundry facilities.
  • Activity Options: You’ll have a plethora of activity options to explore within Glacier National Park while staying at Lake McDonald Lodge. Popular activities include hiking along scenic trails, taking boat tours or rentals on Lake McDonald, photography, fishing, and wildlife viewing.
  • Dining Options: Russell’s Fireside Dining Room offers a charming and cozy atmosphere, serving a range of regional and seasonal cuisine. The Jammer Joe’s Grill and Pizzeria provides a more casual dining experience, offering delicious pizzas and sandwiches.

The Lodge at Whitefish Lake 

The Lodge at Whitefish Lake is a luxurious and picturesque resort located in Whitefish, Montana, just a short drive away from Glacier National Park. It offers you a blend of upscale accommodations, modern amenities, and access to outdoor recreational opportunities. 

  • Proximity to Glacier National Park: While not located within the park, The Lodge at Whitefish Lake is conveniently situated about 30 minutes away from the park’s West Entrance, allowing easy access to the park and its attractions.
  • What it’s Known for: It is renowned for its beautiful lakeside setting and elegant mountain lodge ambiance. It offers a luxurious retreat with a range of amenities and activities to ensure a memorable stay.
  • Amenities: A full-service spa, fitness center, outdoor pool, hot tubs, a marina with watercraft rentals, a sandy beach area, and a lakeside fire pit for cozy evenings.
  • Activity Options: These include kayaking, paddle boarding, fishing, boating, hiking, golfing at the adjacent Whitefish Lake Golf Club, and skiing at Whitefish Mountain Resort during the winter months.
  • Dining Options: The Boat Club Restaurant provides a refined lakeside dining experience, serving a menu featuring locally sourced ingredients and fresh seafood. The Tiki Bar & Grill offers a more casual setting, serving delicious cocktails and light fare near the pool area.

Belton Chalet 

The Belton Chalet is a historic hotel located near the West Entrance of Glacier National Park in West Glacier, Montana. It’s a charming and rustic establishment known for its historical significance and proximity to the park’s natural wonders. 

  • Proximity to Glacier National Park: The Belton Chalet is conveniently situated just outside the West Entrance of Glacier National Park, offering easy access to the park’s attractions, trails, and scenic landscapes.
  • What it is Known for: A rich history and architectural charm. Originally built in 1910, it has preserved its early 20th-century character, providing you with a sense of nostalgia and a connection to the park’s past.
  • Amenities: While the Belton Chalet offers a more modest experience compared to larger luxury resorts, it supplies you with essential amenities for a comfortable stay. These include Wi-Fi access, a cozy lobby area with a fireplace, a gift shop, and a communal dining room.
  • Activity Options: The Belton Chalet is an excellent base for exploring Glacier National Park and its surroundings. You can engage in activities such as hiking, wildlife spotting, scenic drives along the Going-to-the-Sun Road, photography, and guided tours of the park’s landmarks.
  • Dining Options: The hotel’s on-site dining facility, the Belton Grill Dining Room, offers a casual and inviting atmosphere. It serves a variety of dishes featuring locally sourced ingredients, including Montana beef, fresh fish, and vegetarian options. The dining room also offers a selection of wines, beers, and spirits to complement the meals.

Glacier Park Lodge

Glacier Park Lodge also known as The Big Tree Lodge
The Glacier Park Lodge, also known as “The Big Tree Lodge,” was built in 1913 by Louis Hill, owner of the Great Northern Railway.  

Glacier Park Lodge is a historic hotel located in East Glacier Park, Montana, near the southern boundary of the park. It is a grand and iconic establishment known for its impressive architecture, panoramic views, and rich history. 

  • Proximity to Glacier National Park: Glacier Park Lodge is situated approximately two miles from the eastern entrance of the park, making it a convenient option for exploring the park’s attractions and natural wonders.
  • What it’s Known for: Glacier Park Lodge is renowned for its majestic and grand architecture. Built in 1913, the lodge features a massive lobby with towering Douglas fir columns, a vast fireplace, and a rustic ambiance that harkens back to the early days of park exploration.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi access in public areas, a gift shop, a swimming pool, a hot tub, and a picnic area. The lodge also offers laundry facilities.
  • Activity Options: Hiking on scenic trails, exploring the Going-to-the-Sun Road, wildlife viewing, horseback riding, and guided tours to learn about the park’s history and natural features.
  • Dining Options: The Great Northern Dining Room offers a luxurious dining experience, serving a menu featuring locally sourced ingredients and regional cuisine. The Whistle Stop Lounge provides a more casual atmosphere, offering a selection of beverages and light fare.

Izaak Walton Inn

Izaak Walton Inn in glacier NP
The homey, welcoming Izaak Walton Inn is located just outside Glacier National Park’s boundaries.

The Izaak Walton Inn is a charming and unique lodging option located in Essex, Montana, near the southwestern border of the park. Nestled in a picturesque mountain setting, the inn offers you a cozy and rustic retreat. 

  • Proximity to Glacier National Park: While not located within Glacier National Park, the Izaak Walton Inn is just a short distance from the park’s southwestern entrance. It provides convenient access to the park’s attractions and scenic areas.
  • What it’s Known for: Its enchanting and idyllic setting amidst the Montana wilderness. It’s housed within a historic railway depot, adding to its unique character and nostalgic charm.
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi access in public areas, a gift shop, a library, a hot tub, a sauna, and laundry facilities. The inn also offers complimentary snowshoes and cross-country skis during the winter months.
  • Activity Options: You can enjoy cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, fishing, wildlife watching, mountain biking, and scenic train rides on the historic Empire Builder route.
  • Dining Options: The inn’s on-site restaurant, the Dining Car, serves delicious meals with a focus on locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. You can savor hearty and comforting dishes while enjoying the cozy ambiance of the dining car.

Glamping at Glacier National Park

Are you familiar with Glamping? Glamping, short for “glamorous camping,” is a luxurious and upscale form of camping that combines the comforts and amenities of traditional accommodations with the immersive experience of being close to nature. 

Glamping typically involves staying in well-appointed tents, yurts, cabins, or other unique structures equipped with comfortable beds, high-quality furnishings, and private amenities such as bathrooms and showers. It allows individuals to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without sacrificing modern comforts, providing a more glamorous and indulgent camping experience. 

Here are five great options near Glacier NP:

  1. Glacier Under Canvas: Located just outside Glacier National Park, Glacier Under Canvas offers luxury glamping accommodations in spacious safari-style tents. These tents are equipped with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, wood-burning stoves, and panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.
  1. Pinnacle Campground: Situated near Columbia Falls, Montana, Pinnacle Campground offers glamping tents with comfortable beds, linens, and furnishings. The campground also provides communal bathrooms, showers, a campfire area, and access to nearby hiking and biking trails.
  1. Dancing Bears Inn: Located in East Glacier Park, Montana, Dancing Bears Inn offers glamping cabins and tipis with cozy beds, rustic decor, and access to shared bathrooms. The inn also features a communal kitchen, outdoor seating areas, and stunning mountain views.
  1. Glacier Haven Inn: Situated in Coram, Montana, just minutes away from the west entrance of Glacier National Park, Glacier Haven Inn offers glamping tents with comfortable beds, linens, and access to shared bathrooms. The inn also features a communal kitchen, outdoor seating, and barbecue facilities.
  1. St. Mary/East Glacier KOA: This KOA campground offers glamping options such as deluxe cabins and safari tents near St. Mary and East Glacier Park. The accommodations feature comfortable beds, linens, and access to amenities such as swimming pools, hot tubs, and recreational facilities.

Traditional Camping at Glacier National Park

Campsite at Whitefish Lake State Park
Campsite at Whitefish Lake State Park / Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks photo.

For a more authentic outdoor experience, there are also some great traditional camping options near the park:

  1. Sprague Creek Campground: Located on the eastern shore of Lake McDonald within Glacier National Park, Sprague Creek Campground offers beautiful lakeside camping with tent and RV sites. It provides stunning views and access to hiking trails.
  1. Two Medicine Campground: Situated in the Two Medicine region of Glacier National Park, this campground offers tent and limited RV sites. It provides a serene setting with access to scenic hiking trails, boat rentals, and the iconic Two Medicine Lake.
  1. Bowman Lake Campground: Tucked away in the remote northwestern part of Glacier National Park, Bowman Lake Campground offers a peaceful camping experience with tent sites. It is known for its secluded setting, pristine lake, and stunning mountain views.
  1. Rising Sun Campground: Located near St. Mary in Glacier National Park, Rising Sun Campground offers tent and RV sites. It provides access to beautiful hiking trails, stunning scenery, and proximity to the Going-to-the-Sun Road.
  1. Whitefish Lake State Park: Situated near Whitefish, Montana, Whitefish Lake State Park offers tent and RV camping. It is located on the shores of Whitefish Lake and provides access to water activities, hiking trails, and picnic areas.
  1. Glacier Campground & RV Park: Located just outside the west entrance of Glacier National Park in West Glacier, this campground offers tent and RV sites. It provides amenities such as showers, laundry facilities, and a convenience store.

Note: Remember to check the availability, rates, and amenities of these hotels, as they may vary based on the season and current circumstances. It’s also recommended to read reviews and compare options to find the hotel that best suits your preferences and needs.

Final Thoughts

The options for hotels and lodging at Glacier National Park, Montana, are vast and cater to a wide range of preferences. This ensures that you’ll find accommodations that suit your individual needs. 

There truly is something for everyone, from luxury hotels and cozy lodges to campgrounds and unique glamping experiences. 

Whether you prefer to be surrounded by nature, enjoy the convenience of modern amenities, or indulge in a rustic retreat, the lodging options by Glacier National Park offer a gateway to the park’s awe-inspiring beauty and outdoor adventures. 

With careful consideration of proximity, amenities, and individual preferences, choosing the right lodging can enhance your overall experience and create lifelong memories of your visit to Glacier National Park. 

So, plan ahead, book early, and embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of one of America’s most stunning natural wonders!

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