yosemite national park

Which State Has the Most National Parks? 

When it comes to National Parks, a little over half of the states have at least one. Specifically, 29 states in the U.S. have at least one National Park. But did you know that some states have three or more National Parks?  But, which state has the most national parks? California leads the country, with … Read more

rock climbing in new river gorge national park in west virginia

What is the Newest National Park in the US?

Many of America’s well-known National Parks, such as the Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, and Yellowstone, have been around for decades. But did you know that our newest National Park was recently established at the end of 2020?  New River Gorge National Park and Preserve is the newest National Park in America and was established … Read more

Sunset on Lake McDonald in Glacier National Park

What is a National Park?

What is the simple definition of a National Park? Simply put, it is an area of land set aside by a federal government for conservation and preservation.  Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and environmentalist Wallace Stegner famously said, “The National Parks are the best idea we ever had.” But what is the simple definition of a National … Read more